MERINO Urban Sock - Snowgum

MERINO Urban Sock - Snowgum

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What are they?

Your solution to cold feet (literally, not figuratively). 

Why do I need them?

Having cold feet can put a serious dampener on, well, a lot of things. Our urban sock bravely combats this problem (go socks!) by being a wonderful light-weight merino option - suitable for business, casual, dress or whatever shoes you wear on the daily. (...Except probably thongs). 

They are made primarily of Aussie merino, designed to keep your feet odour-free, completely comfortable, and toasty warm in a dry-breathable way.

PS. Our merino is pre-treated, meaning you can machine wash these guys without any nightmarish shape loss results! Woo! 


  • Comfortable cuff
  • Wicking mesh upper
  • Smooth heel and toe seams
  • Nylon reinforced heel and toe
  • perfect for dress shoes & boots and urban/light travel use. For our thicker warmer winter merino socks try the Travel or the Trek models

Material: 68% Merino Wool, 31% Nylon & 1% Elastane Weight: 90g 

Sizes: UK / Australian  2-8 = EU 35-40  |  7-11 = EU 39-46  |  12-15 = EU 46-49

Snowgum Merino Sock Range: Trek = warmest, Travel = midweight, Urban = lightest

Note - the orange stripe on these socks is only now along the foot - the leg is black with no orange or grey stripe. This has been updated in recent production.


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