SNOWGUM Mobile Phone Case

SNOWGUM Mobile Phone Case

SKU: 10002

What is it?

Your solution to the phone dilemma: give it up for the adventure, or risk wrecking it. 

Why do I need it?

The Mobile Phone Case is, well, exactly that. A Mobile Phone Case that's designed to protect your phone, and let you use it simultaneously. It’s big enough for an iPhone 7 Plus and is resistant to both water and dust. Seriously. Your phone is worth too much to not invest in a bit of protection. 


  • 150D polyester welded to TPU waterproof film
  • Double press seal
  • Water and dust resistant (do not submerse)
  • Large enough for a phone of dimensions up to 15.5cm x 10cm
  • Operate while in case

External case dimensions: 29.5cm high x 13cm excluding tab Weight: 35g (including strap and cordlock)

RRP $19.95

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