SNOWGUM Logan Down Jacket Mens
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SNOWGUM Logan Down Jacket Mens

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What is it?

Your solution to wanting instant, more-than-just-your-top-half warmth. 

Why do I need it? 

There’s a very good reason that down jackets have become a wardrobe staple. (It’s warmth! The reason’s warmth!). There’s really nothing that competes. Unless you leave the house wrapped in your doona. But that wouldn’t be that practical. Or flattering. 

The magic of Snowgum down is the clever balance between puffy warmth and lightweight-ness. Yep, that’s right. This baby will give you still-in-bed-like warmth, without making you look like the Michelin Man (or taking up unnecessary room in your bag!). And the beauty of the Logan? The much-needed extra length (meaning your bottom half is much less neglected that is usually is!). It’s just as perfect for winter travel as it is for those frosty mornings watching the kids’ Saturday sport. It’s precisely what your wardrobe is missing.  


  • Downproof 100% 20D/380T Nylon Outer shell
  • 90/10 Duck Down 500 Loft
  • DWR Water Repellency
  • Handwarmer pockets
  • Handy stuff sack

Fit: The longer-line nature of this jacket makes it a slimmer fit. Check out the sizing guide below to suss out the sizing!




Outer: 100% Downproof Nylon
Insulation: 160gsm of 90/10 Ethically Sourced Duck Down

Weight: 380g


Stick to the washing instructions below, but don't over-wash it! It doesn't need that much washing, and the feathers don't like it! Trust us. Too many washes is not water off this duck's back. 

  1. Close zippers before washing. Using a down soap, wash gently by hand or use a front-loading washing machine on the gentle cycle. 
  2. Rinse repeatedly until the water is crystal clear. If hand-washing, gently press the water out, and let drip dry. If a laundromat spin extractor is available, rinse two to three times, use the extractor, and repeat.
  3. Machine Dry (air-drying is too slow and risks mildew). Use a front-loading dryer, large enough that the article can tumble freely. Set it to the lowest heat. Add a clean tennis ball to break up the down clumps. Make sure the item is completely dry and there are no clumps left in the down before you remove it, shake to re-loft down.


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