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The Mega Wave is a high cushion, light weight, breathable shoe for the long distance runner. Fully supportive and anatomically sculpted midsole keeps weight down and nests your foot in a neutral position for a biomechanically correct stride. The vented insole and midsole allow sweat and moisture to escape.
This is the perfect shoe for warm dry weather. It is the most breathable shoe you will ever wear which makes it fantastic for hot Australian conditions. But note that is is vented through the sole, so it won't keep your foot dry if you walk through wet grass or puddles.
It is however the most comfortable shoe you are ever likely to wear. If you are a fair weather walker and want a pair of shoes you can wear all day without overheating, then these are the perfect shoes for you. Travelling through Europe in Summer? Perfect. Running 20km on a hot dry day? Perfect. Fair weather morning walks? Perfect.
  • NestFit construction cradles your feet, accounting for every contour as it follows the natural flow and design of the foot. The result? Your foot is supported in a natural position to prevent foot and muscle fatigue.
  • NEW Hyperfoam dual density EVA midsole gives you a plush, cushioned ride
  • Stitch-less forefoot upper eliminates abrasion areas and provide a streamlined look.
  • Speed-Lacing System with lace garage.
  • Treksta’s Heel Control provides complete cupping of the heel, thereby containing the foot to reduce heel movement and blisters
  • Hypergrip HGL 2-part outsole with IST for maximum grip and stability on a variety of terrain.
  • IST Technology responds to abnormal and uneven surfaces through independently moving outsole lug components, creating perfect balanceon any type of terrain, establishing a pure connection between shoe and trail.



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