SNOWGUM LED Magnetic Tent Light

SNOWGUM LED Magnetic Tent Light

SKU: 74765

What is it?

Your solution to trying to simultaneously use your phone torch and get into your sleeping bag. 

Why do I need one? 

Do you have a ceiling light in your bedroom at home? Yes? Then your lovely adventuring tent bedroom deserves one too. Believe us when we tell you that being able to actually see and having a good in-tent camping experience go hand in hand. So, if you’re sick of the limiting hue of your head torch, or worse, of balancing your phone light between your teeth, you need one of these babies. 

Not only are our tent lights lightweight, small and durable, they’re also hilariously practical and easy to use. Their magnetic base means you can stick it on the inside of your tent pole, and the back up pop-out hanging hook has got your back if your tent isn’t conducive to magnets. Uh huh. How good is that.


  • Magnetic Base & Spring Hanging Clip
  • 5 Switch Settings - 100% on, 70% on, 30% on, Quick Flash, SOS Flash
  • Water Resistant


  • Simply press the ON/OFF button to cycle through modes.


  • Battery Type - 3 x AAA (Included)
  • Battery Life - 10hrs
  • Bulb Type - 150 Lumens LED
RRP $39.95

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