SNOWGUM LED 400 Lumen Lantern

SNOWGUM LED 400 Lumen Lantern

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What is it?

Your solution to not being able to see (ha!). 

Why do I need one?

Picture this. You’re fumbling around your tent for something. It’s pitch black and you’re waving your hands around in horizontal lines like a human metal detector. But then you see it. The subtle green flash of an LED light. It leads you straight towards your trusty Snowgum lantern and you’re so elated that you almost forget what you were searching for in the first place. (Sold?)

This lantern is tough stuff. It also just so happens to be durable, practical and versatile. And wait, did you know the top part comes off so that you can hang it upside to make a ceiling light in your tent? That’s cool. (Sold.) 

  • 30 Hrs Continuous use at High Mode
  • Innovative Convex Reflector provides even spread of light
  • 3-Mode Electronic Switch
  • Removable top end-cap provides forward area light or tent light
  • Rubberised handle & Built in Hook on Lantern Base
  • Green LED Indicator shows the lantern in Darkness/Emergency
  • Water Resistant
  • 400 LUMENS


  • Simply press the ON/OFF button to cycle through modes.


  • Battery Type - 3 x 1.5D Size Batteries
  • Battery Life - 3 Days High, 6 Days Low, 10 Days Flashing, 2 Yrs Green LED Indicator
  • Bulb Type - CREE T6 400 Lumens LED
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