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Backorder Policy

Due to unforeseeable and unavoidable circumstances, we can be out of stock of an item. Orders that include backordered products are reviewed and individual judgements are made as to whether to partially ship an order or await the backordered product/s for a single shipment. Decisions are made based on a variety of reasons, some include: when an item is due to be available; number of backordered products; postage option. Decisions can also be made after seeking contact with the customer for their preferred option. In general, if less than 25% of the items you have ordered are not in stock and will not be for more than a couple of days we will ship the bulk of the order immediately and the rest in a second shipment. If a significant part of the order is out of stock we will contact you via email or phone for instructions. Where possible, we will obtain out of stock items from our physical stores.


All online orders that have been purchased via credit card are paid for in full at time of purchase.